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Program of the 9th Sensometrics Conference 2008
July 21
Hervé Abdi New ways to describe, compare, evaluate, and analyze products and assessors

SESSION A: New methods
J. F. Meullenet, Y. Lee, L. Dooley The application of check-all-that-apply consumer profiling to preference mapping of vanilla ice cream and its comparison to classical external preference mapping
E. Teillet, P. Schlich, P. Courcoux, C. Urbano Polarized Sensory Positionning: A new sensory method based on similarity scaling to product references
J. Ennis, D. Ennis Ratios of Normal Variables in Superiority Claims
F. Craignou, L. Jouffe Consumer Driver studies using Bayesian Networks
C. Findlay Consumer Segmentation of BIB liking data of 12 Cabernet Sauvignon wines: a case study

SESSION B: Descriptive Analysis Data
E. Derks Panel Concordance Analysis (PANCA)
G. Keep, W. Raynor Using Range Voting Analysis Techniques for Odor Profiling Data
J. C. Pfeiffer, C. C. Gilbert Napping by modality: a happy medium between analytic and holistic approaches
P. B. Brockhoff, N. A. Sommer Accounting for scaling differences in sensory profile data
N. A. Sommer, P. B. Brockhoff Automatic and visual mixed model ANOVA of sensory profile data

WORKSHOP A: Consumer Descriptive Analysis: Myth or Reality?
P. H. Punter Introduction
T. Worch, S. Lê, P. H. Punter How reliable are the consumers? Comparison of sensory profiles from consumers and experts
E. Koehn, D. Minkner Comparing sensory profiles derived from consumer and trained panels
M. Danzart Statistical treatment of Flash profile on consumer's data
J. Pagès, J. Josse, F. Husson Methodology for analysing sensory descriptions provided by consumers

July 22
Juan de Dios Ortúzar (plenary) Estimating Individual Preferences with Flexible Discrete Choice Models

SESSION C: Linking data sets - Correlation
G. Cleaver Discrimination tests with sureness judgements: Comparison of Thurstonian and R-Index analysis
D. Plaehn A Variation on External preference mapping
G. Ares, A. Giménez, C. Barreiro, A. Gámbaro Comparison of three methodologies to identify drivers of liking of milk desserts
I. Endrizzi, F. Gasperi, E. Vigneau Two-step procedure for classifying consumers in a L-structured data context
G. Lorho Analysing four-way sensory data resulting from individual vocabulary profiling: A comparison between HMFA and PARAFAC2

SESSION D: Qualitative Data
E. M. Qannari, V. Cariou, E. Teillet, P. Schlich A procedure for statistical treatment of free sorting data
G. Hough, D. Ferraris Free listing: a method to gain initial insight of a food category
M. Cadoret, S. Lê, J. Pagès A novel Factorial Approach for analysing Sorting Task data
C. Astruc, D. Blumenthal, J. Delarue, M. Danzart, J.-M. Sieffermann An original use of Pearson's correlation to construct a unique assessment procedure from individual ones for dynamic hedonic tests of cars
M. Wohlers Mixed Logit Modelling of Paired preference data

WORKSHOP B: Panel Checking
P. Lea Introduction: check panel performance: why ?
C. Crocker Measuring discrimination in sensory panel data
P. Lea Checking panel performance: Why and How
T. Worch, R. Delcher Panelist monitoring and tracking
D. S. Bu Quali-Sense
P. Schlich Panel Performance with Sensobase
S. Lê, F. Husson Demonstration of SensoMineR and panel performance functions

July 23
D. M. Ennis Hypothesis testing for equivalence defined on symmetric open intervals
P. B. Brockhoff Comments and Review
M. Meyners Comments and Review

SESSION E: Potpourri
C. Ross, J. Bolhscheid, K. Weller Influence of visual masking technique on the assessment of two red wines by trained and consumer assessors
R. H. B. Christensen, P. B. Brockhoff The application of Thurstonian model for replicated difference tests
E. Diaz, M. Semenou, P. Courcoux, P. Faye Influence of experimental design in paired comparison studies: how to reduce duration of the experiments?
H. Lawless, M. Nestrud Recovery of Subsampled Dimensions by Multifactor Analysis of Projective Mapping and Multidimensional Scaling of Sorting Data
K. Heberhardt, V. Aubry, K. Robinson

A Thurstonian Model for the Unspecified Hexad Test

WORKSHOP C: Communicating Statistics to Non-Technical People

A. Hasted, C. Gilbert, C. Findlay

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